Tuesday, July 2, 2013

10 months

Time has really flow by since you were born.  One minute I was counting the minutes between my contractions and the next minute I am holding your hands walking you across the living room.  How does time get away from  us so fast?  I wish at times I could freeze time just so I can take in every feature, smell, and touch that you have at this age.  I just thank God for giving you me and allowing me to be apart of your life.   

Weight: You were around 19 lbs at your doctor's appointment last week. 
Height:  I don't know.  We will find out at your next wellness visit. 
Head circumference:   Don't know.
Size of clothes: 9 months
Size of diapers: 3.
Eat: You are beginning to eat some soft table food.  You are not 100%.crazy about it yet.  Although you were that way when we first introduced you to baby food.  You certainly love a yogurt bite though.  You are still drinking your bottles and eating baby food throughout the day.  You have two bottom, front teeth and one coming in at the top.         
# of wake ups at night: Zero wake ups at night.  You are a happy little boy in the mornings.  You sometimes wake up around 6:30 but I just let you talk to yourself in your crib.  After about 15 minutes you fall right back asleep until 7:30ish.
Health: Your health has been good. We are still battling ear infections.  This is our third round of medication for your ear infections.  The last two ear infections were in your left ear but now you have one in your right ear.  We go back to the doctor Wednesday but I am about 99% sure it is not gone way either.
Milestones: You are a little stinker.  I was hoping to have a little boy crawling around the house this summer but I am not so sure you are going to ever crawl.  You will sit up and lean forward like you are about to take off but then you just sit back down on your bottom.  If we put you on our hands and knees, you will rock back and forth for a while then just roll over.  You have no desire to crawl.  However, you really would love to be able to stand up and walk around all by yourself.  You love to stand up, hold our hands, and walk around.  You like to stand up and hold on to things but you are not pulling yourself up yet.  You are certainly going to be the little boy who does things at your own pace.        
Doesn't Likes: There is not much that you don't like.  You are one of the happiest babies I have ever been around.  You are the type of baby that if we were going to have more you would encourage us because you are so good (although we are not). 
Loves: You still love to be talked too.  You are talking up a storm right now.  You can say mama' dada; buh, buh; and bye, bye.  You do a lot of babbling like if you were really carrying on a conversation with us.  You love, love, love to take a bath and swim in the water.  If it pertains to water you are a happy camper.  You also love your big brother.  You laugh at him like he just did or said the funniest thing in the world.        
Smiles when: You smile at EVERYTHING.  If someone is talking to you, you are smiling.  I think you are going to be a big flirt.  When a girl talks to you, you get all flustered and put those hands up over your eyes.  It is so cute. 
Recent trips: We have been to a couple of different place this last month.  We went to the beach for our annual beach vacation.  We stayed at the beach house in Garden City.  It was so much fun.  We have also been to the lake numerous of time.  You love it out there.  We have been to the pool.  We have also been to the lake house in Santee.  You attended your very first wedding a few weeks ago.  You did not make it through the ceremony but you sure did have a blast at the reception. 

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